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Individualised play therapy & behaviour supports for children aged 2-12

We specialise in supporting neurodivergent children aged 2-12 years

We provide supports in home, early childhood and school settings.

Trauma, parental separation, illness, bullying, climate events, or death of a family member.

Connection. Curiosity. Growth.

Our 3 core values mean the world to us and are at the core of everything that we do. 

At Atlas Therapy and Coaching we understand that every child and family is unique. We recognise that to truly support a child, support often needs to extend beyond the child to include their families and educators. 

We take a collaborative approach as we work together with children and the people that care for them.

That is why, at Atlas Therapy and Coaching we offer supports that encompass the child, school and family.

20+ Years
of Experience

Three support Streams

Child-Centered Play Therapy provides a developmentally appropriate evidence-based approach to counselling that recognises the power of play as a natural language for children. During play therapy sessions, children can play out their thoughts and real-life experiences in a way that builds their insight and capacity. By creating a safe and nurturing therapeutic environment children learn to express a range of emotions, process challenges, communicate and develop crucial life skills in a way that feels natural and enjoyable.

At Atlas Therapy and Coaching we approach every child with unconditional positive regard, accepting them for who they are and without judgment. This in turn creates a safe space where your child can feel truly seen and valued as the unique individual that they are. 

The Benefits of Child Centered Play Therapy

Child Centred Play Therapy is continuing to gain momentum as the preferred method of therapy for children. Play therapy continues to demonstrate that by allowing a child to engage in therapeutic activities that feel like play, they are better able to engage in and enjoy the process of learning new skills while gaining confidence. Outcomes of Play Therapy include:

  • Increased emotional regulation skills, including awareness of own and others’ emotions
  • Increased self-advocacy, self-determination and self-confidence
  • Reduction in behaviours of concern
  • Improved social engagement
  • Improved relationships with parents and siblings
  • Increased participation in school


The child centered nature of Play Therapy allows children to learn and express themselves in their own way and at their own pace. This places Play Therapy as a leading neuroaffirming approach for neurodivergent individuals. In addition, Play Therapy has been found to be suitable for children who may have difficulty communicating verbally as they gain confidence in expressing themselves in new ways through play.

Our behaviour support services use a positive behaviour support (PBS) framework. PBS is an evidence based, comprehensive and person-centered approach that goes beyond addressing challenging behaviors. It considers the individual’s strengths, preferences, and the context in which behaviors occur. We don’t aim to ‘fix’ a child’s behaviour. We focus on building an understanding of why the behaviour occurs, and then develop individualised strategies to support the child using their strengths and interests.

Behaviour support services include:

  • In home sessions
  • Parent coaching
  • School support
  • Functional behaviour assessments
  • Comprehensive behaviour support plans

Parent Coaching

Using an emotion coaching approach, parent sessions aim to create a safe and collaborative space where parents are supported in developing strategies that meet the needs of their unique family.

Emotion coaching is a supportive parenting technique that involves recognising, validating, and guiding your child through their emotional experiences. It empowers parents to connect with their children on an emotional level, fostering a secure and trusting relationship.

Parent coaching involves individual sessions between a parent/s and therapist, typically using a tele-health mode of delivery to provide greater flexibility for busy parents to attend sessions.

The benefits of Parent Coaching

There are so many benefits to the whole family when parents and carers engage in parent coaching. Below are just a few that are direct findings from research.

  • Positive impacts on both child and parents’ mental health.
  • Parents gain increased confidence in managing their children’s emotions.
  • Children whose parents practice emotion coaching demonstrate better emotional regulation, higher empathy, and improved social skills.
  • Implementing emotion coaching consistently results in reduced behaviour problems and enhanced parent-child relationships.
  • Emotion coaching is applicable across diverse cultural and demographic contexts.
  • Emotion coaching can prevent the development of mental health conditions in children.


Is parent coaching for me?

Parent coaching sessions are open to all parents and carers of children aged between 2- 12 years of age.

At Atlas Therapy and Coaching we recognise that parenting is hard work. We acknowledge that every parent brings their own unique set of ideas, skills and past experiences to parenting. Our coaching sessions are not one-size-fits-all. We work collaboratively with you to identify your specific challenges and strengths, developing customised strategies that align with your family’s unique dynamics.

Our parent coaching sessions are for parents who would like to gain confidence and develop their skills in raising emotionally competent, confident and capable children. This involves getting curious about your child’s emotions and behaviour, while learning new ways of responding to their needs.

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